En Plein Air Event: July 24 & 25, 2015


Corning Center for the Fine Arts will host its 10th annual “En Plein Air”. This juried competition will showcase artists painting local scenery in and around the Corning area for this 2 day event. Artists interested in competing in this 10th year event, please complete the entry form and submit it to the designated address by July 11, 2015.

En Plein Air, is a term derived from the French, which literally means ‘in the open air’. It’s a familiar concept today, but in the late 1800s when the Impressionists ventured out of their studios into nature to investigate and capture the effects of sunlight and different times of days on a subject, it was quite revolutionary.




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2015 En Plein Air

The 2015 Corning Fine Arts En Plein Air Festival is Friday and Saturday July 24th and 25th. Click here for details. Download an entry form here.